Prescribed burn in Galloway Township, New Jersey

In the 20th century, the once vast forests of the New Jersey Pine Barrens were vanishing. In 1979, a controversial ban on over-development was signed into law by Governor Byrne, saving over a million acres in a new Pinelands Preserve. But today, the Pinelands face new threats from climate change and fire suppression. This revealing documentary examines how people are learning new ways to collaborate with nature in order for these forests to survive.

Produced by Susan Wallner, with narration by Nemuna Ceesay and original music by Katya Richardson.

Keeping the Pinelands is a production of PCK Media for NJ PBS. For screenings, contact

Keeping the Pinelands (Preview)

In the 1970s, fighting for the environment became a cause. But today, the New Jersey Pine Barrens face new threats.

Keeping the Pinelands (Full Program)

Keeping the Pinelands premiered in 2023 on NJ PBS, where it can now be streamed.

Featured interviews include Forester Bob Williams, NJ Audubon Vice President of Environmental Stewardship Kristen Meistrell, Stockton University Professor of Environmental Science Matthew Olson, Paleontologist and Geologist Kenneth Lacovara, Landowner Bill Haines, Architect Thomas Wong, and Artist Maya Lin.